SFU v. Kinder Morgan

On Friday, October 31, SFU Professors, Stephen Collis, and Lynne Quarmby,  SFU staff member, Mia Nissen, and Burnaby residents, Alan Dutton and Adam Gold  appeared in court, less than 24 hours after being served with over 1000 pages of legal documents filing suit on behalf of Trans Mountain / Kinder Morgan Pipeline against the four anti-pipeline protesters for 5.4 million dollars in damages. Despite the occasion, this was not a prank.

This Wednesday, the hearing resumes at 9:30AM in the Vancouver Law Courts at 800 Smithe St. in Vancouver, for the first of three days. Supporters from across the lower mainland will be present to stand in solidarity with Stephen, Lynne, Adam, Mia, Alan, and all the protesters and activists whom their presence in the courtroom represent at a press conference prior to the hearing, to be held at 8:30AM

Please consider joining.

See the links on the left for more information on how to support the opposition to the Kinder Morgan Pipeline expansion, and please share. If this threat against our democratic right to protest, and against our right to a safe environment is of any concern to you, please think about what you can do to lend support how you can. Show up on Wednesday. Convince a friend, or colleague to come along. Speak to a friend and inform them of the issues. Speak up in class and inform your peers. Join the protesters in the Burnaby Mountain Conservation Area. Share your knowledge through social media. Be a loudspeaker. Use the space you have at hand and put it to good use. 

What happens this Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, will not be singular. It will reverberate. Stay connected. Stay informed. Help others do the same. 


Donate to the legal defence fund to support the legal costs for Stephen Collis, Adam Gold,  Mia Nissen and Lynne Quarmby as they defend their rights in the hearings to be held Wednesday to Friday, November 5-7 at the Supreme Court of B.C., 800 Smithe Street, Vancouver.


Donate to Burnaby Residents Opposing Kinder-Morgan Expansion (BROKE) legal defense fund in support of the suit against Alan Dutton/BROKE.