Greetings friends,

As your favourite environmental club, SFU350 is having our first fall 2016 meeting this Friday (9 Sept), after you have finished the first week of school. Come join us for celebration of finally settling school schedules, and finding out refreshing updates on SFU fossil fuel campaign. Looking forward to seeing y'all lovely faces!

Again, the meeting info here:

5:30 pm on 9th September, @WMC 2609, Burnaby Campus.



SFU350 Spring Event: SFU 100

Facebook Event Page Link HERE.

SFU 100 is a celebration of sustainability and climate justice for students, staff and faculty at SFU. The event will be an exciting, interactive showcase of SFU’s potential to be a real leader on climate change by the year 2065, SFU’s 100thanniversary.

The event will have a large focus on divestment from the fossil fuel industry. One goal is to imagine SFU in 50 years having divested, and point out that SFU has not yet aligned its investments with its vision for sustainability. The event will feature food, music, and tables for discussion and connection. The event date is March 30th, 11am-2pm at SFU’s Burnaby Campus.

The event is organized by SFU350, SFU’s climate advocacy club on campus and is supported by the SFSS and Embark Student Society. We are seeking an event organizer to take initiative in organizing the event, and working collaboratively with our team to deliver the event to the SFU community.

ALSO, volunteer position: event organizer is now open! Find the invitation on page HOT! VOLUNTEER POSITION, find your way to contribute to Climate Change Movement on campus! Application deadline is March 4th, 2016.