The DivestSFU coalition, consistent with the University's commitment to sustainability, calls upon Simon Fraser University's Board of Governors  to:

  1. Increase transparency in regards the climate risk and carbon intensity of SFU’s investments;
  2. Immediately freeze any new investment in fossil-fuel companies; and
  3. Divest within five years from direct ownership of, and from any funds that include, fossil-fuel public equities and corporate bonds.

Sign on to our petition at this link:

A collection of documents presented to the Board of Governors (BOG) and released to media may be found below (Click the document title to open up a PDF copy).

Divest Press Release - November 2015

SFU 350 2015 Report to Responsible Investment Committee - May 2015

Letter to the BOG - Request for Dialogue - January 2014

DivestSFU Briefing report - Submitted to SFU BOG - March 2014

Faculty Open Letter - Submitted to SFU BOG - March 2014

SustainableSFU Press Release Following BOG Presentation - March 2014

Presentation Follow-up E-mail - Request for an Official Response - April 2014

Letter of Petition Re: responsible investment and community consultation - Submitted May 2014

Letter to the BOG on Fiduciary Duty - Submitted May 2014

Press release on SFU commitment to UN PRI - August 19 2014

Letter to the BOG from SFU350 in response to SFU's commitment to UN PRI - August 2014

Initial Letter of Introduction to the BOG December 2013