In October 2014, SFU350 reached out to Burnaby's 2014 municipal elections candidates to survey them on the following five (5) questions:

If elected, 

  1. Will you support the expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure (e.g. Kinder Morgan, Enbridge)?
  2. Will you support increased tanker traffic on the Salish Sea?
  3. Will you support prioritizing the expansion of sustainable infrastructure (e.g. bike lanes, charging stations)?
  4. Will you support increased government spending on public transit?
  5. Will enhancing and protecting green space be a leading issue for you?

See how candidates responded below, or download a blank copy of our report card to survey candidates in other municipalities!

Download our Climate Report Card for Mayoral Candidates running in Burnaby HERE.

Download our Climate Report Card for City Council Candidates running in Burnaby HERE.

Download a Blank copy of our Climate Report Card to fill in on your own HERE.

Download Full Candidate Responses to our questions and view the research background for our Burnaby Report Cards HERE.


For more help choosing your candidates this November, we recommend checking out the Dogwood Initiative's survey, Local Votes 2014, at this link here: