SFU350 is a student organisation committed to engaging the SFU community in meaningful action against climate change in pursuit of a more sustainable world.

SFU 350 is part of the larger global movement initiated by 350.org. 
"350" refers to '350 parts per million,' the ratio of carbon dioxide molecules to all other molecules in Earth's atmosphere recognized by climate scientists as the 'safe' upper limit of Earth's atmosphere. The Earth currently stands at 400 parts per million. SFU 350 recognizes that we stand at a crossroads and therefore major and widespread social change is needed.

Current Projects:

SFU350 is a lead organizer of the Divest SFU campaign, a coalition of students, faculty, staff, and alumni calling upon SFU's Board of Governors to realign SFU’s investment practices with its research record and values of sustainability and integrity. To find out more about the DivestSFU campaign, please click here: https://www.facebook.com/DivestSFU